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2022 updates

15 December 2022

New paper alert! Check out our new ACS Applied Polymer Materials publication! Congrats, Mandie!

3 November 2022

Theresa and Mandie present at V13Polictech Accelerator's Pitch to the Chief Competition. Good luck!

28 October 2022

Erin, Daisee and Colin give talks at the OTU-KIT mini symposium in chemistry today on their research. Great work!

24 October 2022

New paper alert: congrats, Colin!

6 September 2022

The FCML is welcoming it's newest members: Erin Giroux (MSc candidate), Shaijieni Kannan (BSc thesis) and Meaghan Westerik (University Works)!

8 August 2022

Theresa gives a talk at the 64th International Conference on Analytical Science & Spectroscopy!​

18 July 2022

Mandie gives a poster presentation at MACRO 2022!​

9 July 2022

Lelo and Brayden give talks at the IABPA Europe 2022 conference! Way to go!

13 June 2022

Part of the lab heads to CCCE 2022 Calgary - look out for a talk from Mandie and posters from Colin and Theresa!

8 June 2022

New papers alert! Congrats to Colin and Mitchell on their latest published manuscripts!

3 May 2022

Congratulations to Mitchell Tiessen for winning the Faculty of Science W.R.Smith MSc Thesis award - well deserved! ​

15 April 2022

Congratulations to incoming lab member, Erin Giroux for winning an NSERC -CGSM award! Also, congrats to Colin Elliott for winning an OGS Award. Great work team!

18 March 2022

Check out the happenings in the lab at the 12 PM seminar for Ontario Tech's Pi Day Speaker Series!

11 March 2022

Mandie is announced as one of the winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry's #RSCPosterPitch competition. Wow! Congrats!

9-10 March 2022

Colin and Mandie give oral talks on their research in the 4th Kyutech-OntarioTech symposium in chemistry. Great work! Feature here.

1 March 2022

Colin and Mandie participate in the #RSCPoster competition on Twitter. Mandie receives a highlight by RSC for her poster pitch!

20 Jan 2022

Welcoming Dhrumik Patel to the lab and saying farewell to Laurianne Lagacé!​

1 Jan 2022

Wishing everyone a great start to a new year!

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