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2021 Updates

30 Nov 2021

Mitchell Tiessen successfully defends his MSc thesis! Congrats!

27 Nov 2021

Congratulations are in order to Mitchell Tiessen who is one of the poster presentation for the ECS conference this weekend!

28 Oct 2021

Theresa gives a webinar on forensic blood substitutes for the American Chemical Society (!

20 Oct 2021

New paper alert! Calcium-Alginate Tissue Gels: Proof-of-Concept biomaterial development. Congrats to Amanda Orr on this publication!

10 Sept 2021

New paper alert! subMALDI: an open framework R package for processing irregularly-spaced mass spectrometry data DOI: 10.21105/joss.02694

Congrats to former lab members Kristen and Sophie on the publication!

6 Sept 2021

We are welcoming Lelo Rampete and Julia Harvey to the BSc thesis team, as well as Laurianne Legace as our University Works lab assistant! Welcome!​

29 June 2021

Amanda Orr gives a presentation to the Chartered Society of Forensic Science's manuscript seminar. Great work representing us on the international stage!

21-24 June 2021

The lab participates in the Canadian Society of Forensic Science's annual conference. Congrats to Amanda Orr, Mitchell Tiessen, Colin Elliott, Maryam Fakhori and Priya Kundan on their poster presentations, Theresa Stotesbury for her oral presentation and Brayden Vale for his merit award!

1 June 2021

Welcoming Brayden Vale to the laboratory as he starts his Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship on degrading bloodstains!

1 May 2021

Congrats are in order! Colin Elliot joins the lab on an NSERC USRA scholarship and will be starting his MSc in September with an NSERC CGC-M Scholarship. Mitchell Tiessen is also awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship! Awesome work team!

21 Feb 2021

New paper accepted in Science & Justice - Whole bovine blood use in forensic research: sample preparation and storage considerations - Congrats to (former) lab members Rebecca Gualdieri, Marie-Laurence Cossette and Amanda Orr!

20 Jan 2021

New paper accepted in CSFSJ - Drip stains formed on ice and snow: an observational study. Fitting for the winter we have been having. Congrats to (former) lab members Jesse Plante and Amanda Orr their work on this project, and our collaborators at TPS Forensic Identification Services!

1 Jan 2021

Wishing everyone a great start to a new year!

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