DPVs of degrading bloodstains

DPVs of degrading bloodstains - forensic electrochemistry!

Forensic Chemistry - December 2020

Featured on the front cover of Forensic Chemistry - December 2020

Chemiluminescent reaction with latent bloodstains


Fluorescent hybrid inorganic-organic sol-gel blood substitutes for BPA research & training

Featured on the cover of Forensic Chemistry

FT-ICR MSI of eccrine secretions in latent and chemically washed fingerprints

FT-ICR MSI of eccrine secretions in latent and chemically washed fingerprints

Modelling parent stain size in passive drip simulation

Graphical Abstract-v1

High-speed video analysis of impacts into blood

Featured on the Cover of the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology

Allele peak heights from our degraded and fresh hydrogel tissue simulants


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