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Dr. Theresa Stotesbury
Theresa is an assistant professor at Ontario Tech University. In 2017, obtained her PhD from Trent University in Materials Science, where she developed a blood substitute that forensic agencies around the world are now incorporating into their research and training practices. Dr. Stotesbury regularly collaborates with members in the forensic community and has held a previous appointment of Research Scientist at the Ontario Provincial Police.
Amanda Orr
Amanda Orr is a PhD candidate in Trent University's Environmental and Life Science graduate program. This project is co-supervised with Dr. Paul Wilson (Trent). She is developing functional soft materials that contain DNA.

Amanda is the recipient of the NSERC CGS-D Scholarship (current), Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2019), Lausanne Summer School of Forensic Science Criminology (2019) and the Canadian Society of Forensic Science's Education Award (2019).
Sophie Castel
Sophie Castel is an applied statistician and new PhD student in the Applied Bioscience program at Ontario Tech University. Her research objective is to develop spatiotemporal statistical models informed by MALDI MSI bloodstain data in order to better-understand how key biomolecules in a sample change with time (co-supervisor Dr. Wesley Burr)

Sophie was the recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2019) for her Master’s thesis research on time series interpolation (Trent University).
Mitchell Tiessen
Mitchell Tiessen is a MSc candidate in Ontario Tech's Applied Biosciences graduate program. He is profiling the local chemical environment of degrading bloodstains. Mitch won the CSFS Educational Award for his project.

Mitchell previously held an NSERC-USRA for his co-supervised undergraduate thesis (with Dr. Naomi Stock) and won 1st place for his poster at the CSFS training conference on this research.
Maryam Refaat Fakhori
Maryam is currently completing her BSc thesis on VOC identification of degrading bloodstains.

Maryam was previously our laboratory tech under the Work Study program at Ontario Tech U.
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Jesse Plante
Jesse is completed his NSERC-USRA in August 2020. He analyzed some "cold case" data for us and further explore how bloodstains form on snow and ice. Currently, he is finishing his BSc in Forensic Science at Ontario Tech University.
Kristen Yeh
Kristen Yeh is completed her thesis at Trent University using MALDI imaging to understand the chemical composition of modified and bloodied fingerprints. This research is in collaboration with Dr. Naomi Stock (Trent WQC) and Dr. Wesley Burr (Trent).

Kristen is a 3x recipient of the NSERC-USRA.

She is now pursuing her PhD in chemistry at the University of Toronto.
Marie-Laurence Cossette
Marie-Laurence completed her honours thesis project at Trent University developing more robust models to determine the time since deposition of a bloodstain. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Shafer (Trent).

Marie-Laurence is the recipient of two NSERC-USRA award.

Marie is now pursuing her MSc at Trent University with Aaron Shafer.
Priya Kundan
Priya completed her forensic science degree at Ontario Tech University. Her thesis investigated how bloodstains form on ice.
Rebecca Gualdieri
Rebecca completed her BScFS at Trent University in 2019. She completed her thesis with me, entitled, "The optimization of bovine blood for research use in forensic bloodstain pattern analysis".

Rebecca is now a chemist at the Canadian Border Services Agency.
Tamara Newell-Bell
Tamara completed her BScFS at Trent University in 2019. She was co-supervised by myself and Dr. Aaron Shafer (Trent) on her thesis, "Determining time since deposition of passive drip stains using spectroscopy".

Tamara has previously won an NSERC-USRA and is now pursuing her Masters in Forensic Science at Trent University
Craig Choquette
Craig completed his BSc in Chemistry at Trent University in 2019. His project was co-supervised with Dr. Naomi Stock (Trent WQC) and used LC-MS to develop a chemical database of spray paints.

Craig is currently a laboratory analyst at Bureau Veritas (Maxaam Analytics).
Sumiko Polacco
Sumiko completed her MSc in Environmental and Life Science in 2018. She was supervised by Dr. Paul Wilson. She worked closely with my research on developing a luminol-reactive forensic blood substitute.

Sumiko represented Trent University at the Provincial Three Minute Thesis Competition in 2018.

Sumiko is currently a contract instructor and teaching assistant at Trent University.
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