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This website is dedicated to all things exciting and happening in the Forensic Chemistry & Materials Lab!


A few notes about us:

● We are located at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada ●

◍ We primarily research topics in forensic science and materials chemistry ◍

● Our aim is to characterize the physico-chemical properties of physical evidence left at crime scenes, and how they persist in the environment ●

◍ We also make  ​biohazard-free and realistic blood substitutes with targeted applications in the forensic sciences ◍

            Please browse the rest of the website to learn more about our research projects, current & past members, outreach, and more.

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23 May 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Orr on successfully
defending her PhD today!

5 May 2023

New paper alert! Alginate/xanthan gum hydrogels as

forensic blood substitutes for bloodstain formation and

analysis in Soft Matter. Congrats to Mandie on

another publication of her PhD research!

3 May 2023

New paper alert! Optical profilometry for forensic
bloodstain imaging in the journal Microscopy Research
and Technique. Congrats to past member Brayden Vale
on his first publication! 

25 April 2023

Theresa was awarded a NFRF-Exploration!


15 April 2023

Congrats to Colin and Erin who are OGS recipients
for the 2023-2024 academic year!

25 Mar 2023

Daisee presents her undergraduate research
at SOUSCC51. Congrats!

24 Mar 2023

Colin reps his research all the way to a second place
finish in Ontario Tech's 3 Minute Thesis Competition!

28 Feb 2023

Congrats to Colin who successfully transferred to a
PhD today! Bravo!

1 Jan 2023

Wishing everyone a great start to a new year!

14 Feb 2023

Happy Labentines! Also make sure to check out the
Global Women's Breakfast on campus!

1 Jan 2023

Wishing everyone a great start to a new year!

Errant Science


Check our instagram:  @forensic.materials.lab

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