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This website is dedicated to all things exciting and happening in the Forensic Chemistry & Materials Lab!


A few notes about us:

● We are located at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada ●

◍ We primarily research topics in forensic science and materials chemistry ◍

● Our aim is to characterize the physico-chemical properties of physical evidence left at crime scenes, and how they persist in the environment ●

◍ We also make  ​biohazard-free and realistic blood substitutes with targeted applications in the forensic sciences ◍

            Please browse the rest of the website to learn more about our research projects, current & past members, outreach, and more.

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4 Jan 2024

Theresa gives a webinar with Dr. Peter Lewis today
to the Canadian Society of Forensic Science BPA
division. Speaking about BPA & AI research!

1 Jan 2024

Wishing everyone a great start to a new year!

Errant Science


Check our instagram:  @forensic.materials.lab

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